Club Bordello's Pub Bucuresti

  • Club Bordello Bucuresti
  • Club Bordello Bucuresti
  • Club Bordello Bucuresti
  • Club Bordello Bucuresti
  • Club Bordello Bucuresti
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  • Sambata - Duminica 14:00 - 02:00

Str. Selari, nr. 09-11, Centrul Vechi - Bucuresti


(0748) 88.10.85


What a story these old walls could tell…

If only you could ask these walls about the people, the emotions, the dramas and the happiness, grieves and joys, pleasures and sins that they have witnessed inside and outside. You will find it all, so many things have happened, in all these years. From once the house of queens and princes to dwelling for thugs, thieves and prostitutes, to then become one of the greatest hotels of the 19th century in the old city, from luxury to lust these walls have seen it all.

Built in 1714 as private housing for Lady Pauna and her sons, by the regent Stefan Cantacuzino, it was considered one of the loved places to which to retreat from all the agitation and problems of the court, a personal sanctuary for the blue blooded family. Sadly, this sanctuary never helped the builder itself as he met his fate in 1716 in Constantinople.

After 1795 when the court was moved to Spirei’s Hill, the entire area became a prolific red light district with all its attributes, a place for carnal delights and lust beyond one’s dreams. Walking these very streets, a sense of hidden pleasures could still be felt in the air.
In 1847, great fires overtook the city. As a result most of the buildings were badly damaged, yet after all the destruction, an opportunity came forth, rebuilding and improving.

In 1857, The Fieschi Hotel opened right here, one of the best in the city, and in 1874 the reconstruction of the area was finalized. So many things have happened; so many faces have watched the very place you are now sitting on. A testimony to emotions you can almost touch. Inside these very walls, along the thoughts of past and future, take your time and let us entertain your tastes, with drinks from all over the world, and a cuisine you will not find anywhere else but here.
We believe that taste matters more then quantity, and for that along the drinks you will find our tapas menu, great tastes in smaller quantities. You can have what you want, when you want without restrictions.

Welcome to Bordello’s – it’s all about the feeling!



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